2019 Conference Session Descriptions


John McHugh
Regardless of your role, what are people, customers and business partners looking for in you? What is the workplace culture you have created with your team that leads to success? Creating a mission driven culture with compassion and trust turns satisfied customers into loyal customers. In addition, if the work we do is tied into a purpose beyond profits our job satisfaction increases substantially and employee turnover is reduced.  Join John McHugh as he explores the role you play in your organization’s success and how you can find the key people to help you achieve that greatness. His examples and stories are ones that you won’t forget.

TH 1 Sessions – Thursday, 8:00- 8:50 a.m.

TH 1.1How to Build a Successful Online Orientation for New Students
Presenter(s): Brandy Breuckman, Dean – School of Business, Community Services & Virtual College, Northcentral Technical College (NTC)

Northcentral Technical College (NTC) implemented a mandatory New Student Orientation (NSO) in May 2018. Based on best practices learned through our successful Virtual College, the NSO is successfully preparing students for program entry. Join us to hear about our implementation strategies, best practices and hurdles overcome, continuous improvement strategies, and future plans.

TH 1.2 Badger Ready: A New Pathway for Returning Adult Students
Presenter(s): Autumn Sanchez, Badger Ready Director, UW-Madison

Badger Ready launched fall of 2018 as a new pathway for returning adult students to transfer into UW-Madison and complete their first undergraduate degree. Find out why this pathway was created and how the program supports this unique student population in their academic journey.

TH 1.3 UW System Restructuring Panel 2.0: Insights and Updates
Presenter(s): Heather Chermak, Registrar, UW-Whitewater
Paul Gedlinski, Director of Admissions, UW-Oshkosh
Kristin Hildebrandt, Interim Registrar/Associate Registrar, UW-Milwaukee
Jen Jones, Director of Admissions, UW-Green Bay
Dave Kieckhafer, Registrar, UW-Platteville
Dan Kellogg, Registrar, UW-Extended Campus
Kim O’Kelly, Director of Enrollment Management, Registrar/Bursar, UW-Eau Claire
Marc Young, Director of Recruitment, UW-Stevens Point

Bring your UW System restructure questions to this panel of Admissions and Registrar representatives from each of the UW receiving institutions. Learn more about the UW System restructure and hear about updates that have occurred at institutions over the past year.

TH 1.4 Design and Redesign: Developing the new UW System Electronic App
Presenter(s): Laura Biermeister, UW HELP Business Analyst, UW HELP
Brian Busby, UW HELP
Nicole Knutson, UW HELP
Jeremy Nere, UW HELP
Joshua Rybaski, UW HELP Outreach Specialist, UW HELP

The UW System Electronic Application (EApp) serves over 133,000 applicants annually, hosts and promotes 300+ majors across 26 campus and is old enough to drink a beer. Do you redesign or destroy a tool that is an essential piece to college admission? This session walks you through our journey of gathering input from individuals from 13 different campuses, working with an aggressive timeline, and focusing on improving the student experience through the application process. Get a first glimpse of the new UW Application scheduled to be release for Spring 2020.

TH 1.5 Tracking Military-Connected Students - PeopleSoft Module
Presenter(s): Jolene Anders, Veteran Services Coordinator, UW-Madison
Joe Rasmussen, Veteran Services Coordinator, UW-Madison

This session will cover the function of the veteran benefits pages delivered in PeopleSoft to track and administer veterans’ benefits.

TH 1.6 Transforming the Student Experience - DOE Title III Grant
Presenter(s): Amber Buschmann, Title III Project Manager, Madison College

Learn more about how Madison College is using a Department of Education Title III grant to transform the student experience.

TH 2 Sessions – Thursday, 9:00- 9:50 a.m.

TH 2.1 Transfer Best Practices Panel
Presenter(s): Joel Buschmann, Transfer Student Advisor, UW-Milwaukee
Teresa Rose, Transfer/International Study Abroad Coordinator, Nicolet College

This session is a panel discussion with 4-year public, 4-year private and 2-year technical system transfer representatives. Join the panel discussion of best practices in undergraduate transfer credit evaluation and processing. Participants will learn how these institutions are promoting and providing successful transfer options that serve in-state and institutional goals. Come and learn about the new trends (reverse transfer, transfer systems, etc.) in the transfer arena. Share ideas, gain feedback and learn best practices from peers to become a more impactful transfer specialist.

TH 2.2 CANCELLED - Supporting International Students in an Insecure Environment
Presenter(s): Sharece Bunn, Assistant Director of International Student Engagement, UW-Madison

Unexpected denials and long processing delays have become increasingly common for international students and scholars seeking visas, raising concerns among college officials who see a threat to the diversity and enrichment of their campuses, and causing anxiety for students who may have spent years preparing to study in the United States — only to have their hopes dashed. During this session, best practices for supporting international students through visa challenges, ideas for sustaining international student enrollment, as well as strategies for supporting them once they arrive on campus will be shared.

TH 2.3 Dealing with Difficult People
Presenter(s): Janelle Crowley, Chief Human Resources Officer, UW-Whitewater

Dealing with a colleague, student, parent, or customer who is unreasonable or has a challenging communication style is common in the higher education workplace. We regularly interact with people from different backgrounds or people who have with communication styles and habits that we may find frustrating. This session will help you learn how to cope with difficult individuals and how to work more effectively with others.

TH 2.4 Query 101
Presenter(s): Joey Bohl, Assistant Director of Admissions, UW-Eau Claire
Josh Lind, Registrar, UW-Stout

This session will cover basic querying concepts from the perspective of an operational office. The session is geared toward Admissions and Registrar personnel who would like to know more about how data works and are interested in developing new skills and a greater understanding of the wonderful world of data. Session is not tailored to a specific querying tool.

TH 2.5 We Couldn’t Do It Without Them: Idea Sharing to Support Student Employment Programs
Presenter(s): Nick Hunter, Student Records Specialist, UW-Madison
Katie Paar, Student Services Coordinator and Outreach Specialist, UW-Madison
Sarah Perkins, Placement Coordinator, UW-Milwaukee

When supported effectively, student employment can be a mutually beneficial experience for both the office and the student. This roundtable-style session will provide participants with opportunities to share ideas, challenges, and best practices for employing and supervising student employees. Thinking of hiring students for the first time or restructuring your program? Curious about how other offices train, develop and recognize their student staff? Want to inspire colleagues with your great ideas or seek guidance about a unique challenge? Please join us to share, learn, and connect around the topic of adding value to student employment.

TH 2.6 Creating a Record Retention Schedule
Presenter(s): Kathryn Egeland, Program & Policy Analyst, Public Records Board - State Records Center

Join the Wisconsin State Records Center to learn the basics and resources needed to create or update a record retention schedule for your institution.

TH 2.7 Dealing with Grief
Presenter(s): Dr. Tracy Schroepfer, Professor, UW-Madison’s School of Social Work

How do we as colleagues deal with grief when something has happened to someone else, or a family member/friend of a co-worker.  When is it okay to step in, when should we stay back?

VS 1 Sessions – Thursday, 10:15 - 10:45 a.m.

VS 1.1 College Scheduler by Civitas Learning: Trusting a vendor with registration, WHAT?!
Presenter(s): Haley Johnson, Account Executive, College Scheduler by Civitas Learning
Maureen Vandervest, Functional Analyst, UW Platteville

Over the last couple years we've developed the functionality based on customer feedback - "I wish students could register from within College Scheduler after they find their perfect schedule". Maureen Vandervest, Functional Analyst will share UWP's experience implementing College Scheduler's new registration functionality, from testing to bumps along the way, Registrar feedback, how they created awareness on campus and the student’s response.
Created by a student in Northern California back in 2005 and now used across 300 higher ed institutions and over 8M students. Registration is a fundamental part of the college experience, and yet the seemingly simple act of choosing a few classes that all fit together has significant implications. With over a decade of experience in this field, College Scheduler invites enrollment managers, registration, and orientation staff to learn about the current challenges with registration and how to support campus initiatives including retention, maximizing enrolled credits, and boosting graduation rates.

VS 1.2 Paradigm: Credentialing at its best
Credentialing at its best – enjoy the easiest, quickest, most advanced solutions for both paper and electronic credentials in the industry!
Graduates need their diplomas faster than ever before, for job applications, Grad school acceptance, certifications, social media postings and more, both internationally and domestically. Paradigm offers the fastest and most advanced solution for both paper and electronic diploma, certificate and badging services. Come and participate in this informative session as we discuss all of our service features, including the CeDiploma, CeCertificate®, CeBadge™ and the ScholarRecord™ (CLR). Additional services such as direct mailing of credentials directly to your students, affordable presentation products for your ceremonies and quick turnaround times will make life easier for you and your staff, all while giving your students exceptional results!

VS 1.3 CollegeSource: Transferology Lab Traffic Stats & Reporting
In this session we will cover:
  - Traffic Reports Available
  - New-Stats report coming out in November release
  - Unknown Equivalency and Popular Course Reports
  - Transferology-TES Integration

VS 1.4 National Student Clearinghouse: Get the maximum value from your partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse
Whether you have partnered with us for years, or are new to the Clearinghouse, this session is for You! Learn about our services and how they can help you. See the new exciting developments with Student Tracker - Premium, My Hub, Electronic Diplomas, Next Generation Transcript Ordering Interface, Secure Print (our Print to Mail Transcript Service) and more. Join me and get the latest scoop on what’s going on and what’s new at the National Student Clearinghouse.

VS 1.5 Parchment: Innovate the Registrar’s Office
Presenter(s): Chris Mick, Regional Sales Manager, Higher Ed

What efficiencies could be created in the Registrar’s office if there was one platform to manage all credentials including transcripts, diplomas, certificates and badges? It's more than just a transaction. Credentials are the currency in a meaningful exchange. Get a sneak peek into our analytics tool launching in 2019.

VS 1.6 Lifetouch

VS 1.7 CourseLeaf by Leepfrog

TH 3 Sessions – Thursday, 11:00- 11:50 a.m.

TH 3.1 Generation Z…It’s Not a Dirty Word
Presenter(s): Dionna L. Gavin, MA, Organizational Development Manager, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin

When it comes to generational groups, the assumptions we make often hinder our ability to leverage strengths and work effectively. The session will explore foundational concepts related to the different generations and focus on the newest Workforce group, Generation Z. Come gain insights on how to best draw their interest and harness their talents to enhance how you recruit, retain, and relate.

TH 3.2 Building Awareness of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): A Discussion
Presenter(s): Nancy Lynch, Associate Vice Chancellor of Legal Affairs, UW-Madison

In May 2018, the European Union's (EU) formal adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect, leaving many U.S. colleges and universities scrambling to figure out how the rules apply to their overseas programs as well as the data they collect on students and employees who are E.U. citizens. This session will explore how UW-Madison has approached compliance with the European regulation. You will see who on campus is involved, what resources are applied, and what expenses are expected. The presenter will also cover more on campus scenarios applicable to GDPR.

TH 3.3 Collaboration with Google Docs/OneDrive
Presenter(s): Andy Blackwell, Outreach and Program Manager, UW-Superior

Learn tips and tricks for how to use Google Docs and OneDrive - we'll also be talking about the best ways you can collaborate with them.

TH 3.4 Veterans Upward Bound
Presenter(s): Charles E. Allen, MD (USAF, Ret), Former Project Director of Veterans Upward Bound, UW-Milwaukee

This session will provide information on the Veterans Upward Bound program as a resource for providing basic skills instruction and other services to help veterans achieve their academic goals.

TH 3.5 Great Leadership?  Are You Kidding?  I Don’t Have Time!
Presenter(s): Jan Ford, Director of Student Success, UW-Extended Campus

You’ve received an unexpected request from your chancellor for data that’s needed “NOW!”, an upset parent has left you one *hellava* nasty voicemail, you’ve just discovered a system error that has campus-wide implications, and two of your staff members are arguing over who's going to cover the front desk for your student worker who called in sick. As you think about the difficult conversation you'll now have to have with them, you notice the several hundred emails that seem to have magically appeared overnight in your INBOX. You ask yourself “Is this really what I signed up for?” for the 10th time this week… and it’s only Tuesday.

In our increasingly harried world of student services, what does it take to remain inspired, build a positive team culture, get things done and still love what we do? Sharing in examples and tips learned from a lifelong career in higher education, participants will leave this session armed with ideas, food for thought, and – hopefully! - a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

TH 3.6 Transcribing Credit for Study Abroad and Exchange Programs
Presenter(s): Sarah Oberdeck, Assistant Director of Admissions, UW-Whitewater
Linda Young, Associate Director of Admissions, UW-Stout

As more institutions are promoting international travel and also looking to international students to increase enrollment, the importance of maintaining an accurate record is key to helping these students through to graduation. In this session we will explore and discuss how two institutions handle international transfer credit processing for incoming international and exchange students.

TH 3.7 The Importance of Mentoring:  the Impact of Being One and Getting One
Presenter(s): Tanya Burton, Student Services Center Manager, Gateway Technical College

Mentoring can have a positive impact on both the mentor and mentee.  It means a personal investment of time and insight and can be very gratifying.  Mentoring builds effective relationships and provides a good system of support.  It can be formal or informal and is critical to career growth and development.  Join this interactive workshop for a great discussion on being a mentor and/or mentee!

TH 4 Sessions – Thursday, 2:00 - 2:50 p.m.

TH 4.1 An AACRAO Update: Criminal History in Admissions & Disciplinary Notations on Transcripts
Presenter(s): Kristi Wold-McCormick, Registrar, University of Colorado and AACRAO Vice President for Records and Academic Services

The presenter will provide an overview of the 2017 AACRAO guidance report on disciplinary notations on transcripts and will share findings and recommendations from the new AACRAO work group report on criminal history in admissions. She will field questions and address challenges that members are facing in affecting policy or implementing related processes on their campuses.

TH 4.2 Preparing Students to Graduate: The Final Mile at NTC
Presenter(s): Shannon Livingston, Dean of Student Success, Northcentral Technical College

To positively impact program completion, Northcentral Technical College (NTC) was awarded a Great Lakes grant that targets low income and minority students who are identified as “near completers” Our dedicated Completion Coach developed strategies, including an online orientation (The Final Mile) and final year experience targeting information and resources.

TH 4.3 IT Security 101
Presenter(s): Scott Owczarek, University Registrar, UW-Madison

Whether you are new to the University or would like to brush up on your information security knowledge, this presentation is for you. IT Security 101 will introduce you to basic security concepts and give you tips and tricks to keep your information safe and your school out of the headlines.

TH 4.4 The Nuts and Bolts of VA Compliance Surveys
Presenter(s): Larry Graves, Education Consultant, State Approving Agency, Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
Jim Schmidt, Veteran Benefits Coordinator, UW-Milwaukee

This session will describe what to expect during a VA Compliance Survey. Information on what School Certifying Officials (SCO) should know, what the State Approving Agency (SAA) will be reviewing, and how managers can support their SCO through the process will be discussed.

TH 4.5 Don't Be That Boss - Effective Supervision of Staff
Presenter(s): Holly Shea, Assistant Director of Human Resources, UW-Oshkosh
Laurie Stevens, Associate Director of Admissions, UW-Oshkosh

At some point in their career, half of all Americans have left a job to get away from their manager. Good supervision is key to an organization's success through increased productivity, fostering commitment, encouraging creativity, cultivating loyalty, and more. But it doesn't happen by accident. Supervisors need to make time to learn and develop the skills that will bring out the best in their employees. Join us to discuss, reflect and commit to finding at least one thing you can take away to grow as a supervisor.

TH 4.6 That’s How We Roll: Building the Schedule of Classes
Presenter(s): Chuck Dvorak, Curricular Program Specialist, UW-Madison
Kathy Traynor, Associate Registrar, Marquette University
Dan VandeYacht, Registrar, UW-Green Bay
Jen Steinheiser, Schedule of Classes & Grading Coordinator, UW-Milwaukee

Courses are the academic building blocks of a college/university curriculum, and the creation of the schedule of classes each term is a complex undertaking. Join us for a panel presentation and discussion on how different institutions manage various pieces of this process, including term roll, meeting patterns (standard and otherwise!), classroom assignments, and much, much more.

VS 2 Sessions – Thursday, 3:30 - 3:30 P.M.

VS 2.1 Salesforce

Your students are everywhere. They’re on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They’re emailing and texting. They’re interacting on communities, blogs, and websites – and they’re talking about their experience at your institution. Join Salesforce.org (http://salesforce.org/) to hear how to leverage Salesforce to redefine enrollment management as a key part of the student experience.

VS 2.2 Credentials

VS 2.3 Full-Measure

VS 2.4 CollegeSource: TES – Using the evaluation workflow to build and store rules in TES
In this session we will cover:
  - Transferology-TES Integration continued
  - Equivalency Manager
  - Evaluation Tracker Workflow

VS 2.5 Coursedog

VS 2.6 ACT/NRCCCUA: Generation Z is here and enrolling!

Is your institution prepared to give Gen Z students the experience they’re looking for? This presentation, based on the Eduventures Prospective Student and Student Sentiment Surveys, explores the key distinctions between Millennial and Gen Z students and the implications those distinctions have on student expectations. Join us to learn how to serve Gen Z students better in recruitment and enrollment, the role that technology will play in the overall student experience, and how you can understand and use student mindsets to shape more engaging communications.

TH 5 Sessions – Thursday, 3:45- 4:45 p.m.

TH 5.1 Adulting' Your EM Strategies: The Why and How of Recruiting the New Normal Student
Presenter(s): Nathan McCoy, Director of Institutional Research, Lincoln College (IL) and IACRAO Representative

The impact of the 2008 financial crisis on US demographics is starting to come to light in the form of delayed family formation among millennial parents and a predicted 15% decline in Wisconsin’s high school-age population within the next two decades. In light of this coming decline among potential traditionally-aged students, what can institutions do now to broaden their EM strategies to attract more adult students? This session will offer communication and community outreach strategies specifically tailored to reach potential adult students and convert them from candidates to students. Emphasis will be placed on how Admissions staff can reorient their efforts with some discussion on how the Registrar’s Office can act as a partner and assist with adult student recruitment.

TH 5.2 Current Legal Issues in Higher Education
Presenter(s): Matthew Lind, Legal Counsel, UW System Administration

What are the legal standards that apply to false or misleading information supplied to a university during an admissions or registration process? What happens when a student is accused of misconduct after being accepted but before registering? What are the best practices you should put in place when faced with a subpoena for student records? Answers to these questions and more will be discussed in this session.

TH 5.3 Excel Tips and Tricks
Presenter(s): Andy Blackwell, Outreach and Program Manager, UW-Superior

Learn tips and tricks for how to use Excel; everything from how to customize the look of excel to extracting information from your data.

TH 5.4 Locating High FAFSA Potential High Schools to Promote Access & Affordability
Presenter(s): Ellie Bruecker, Graduate Student in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, UW-Madison

Filing the FAFSA is a critical step in the transition to college. Stakeholders have devoted significant attention to crafting policy with the goal of improving filing rates. We examine factors that may be related to FAFSA completion by answering two key research questions: 1) What are the characteristics of high schools with high filing rates; and, 2) What are the characteristics of high schools with high FAFSA potential? Identifying these schools can help colleges, community-based organizations and high school counselors target resources.

TH 5.5 WACRAO-AACRAO - Navigating the Waters
Presenter(s): Tarra Bourgeois, Registrar, Marian University
Paul Gedlinske, Director of Admissions, UW-Oshkosh
Dan VandeYacht, Registrar, UW-Green Bay
Kristi Wold-McCormick, Registrar, University of Colorado and AACRAO Vice President for Records and Academic Services

AACRAO and WACRAO rely on member volunteers to support the mission of the organizations. As current practitioners, WACRAO professionals from admissions, registration, records, and related service areas have been gathering since 1927 to network, share ideas, apply best practices and identify strategies for success. Through a panel discussion, learn more about opportunities to get involved with these two organizations at both the State and National level.

TH 5.6 FERPA 101 – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Presenter(s): Jeff Kirschling, Associate Registrar for Compliance, Reporting & Eligibility Services, UW-Madison
Ed Lee, Registrar, UW-Stevens Point

Are you new to the student records profession and have questions about what this FERPA thing is about? Have you been asked to confirm information regarding a student you didn’t know if you could provide? This interactive session will help you understand the basics of FERPA and hopefully you will have a fun experience with your colleagues at the end mastering this content to meet the pre-requisite for the next level with FERPA 102.

FR Roundtable Sessions – Friday, 8:00- 8:50 a.m.

Roundtable sessions are free flowing, unstructured conversations and an opportunity to share with and learn from your colleagues about timely topics of interest.

RT1.1 Strategies for Effective Leadership, Management and Supervision

RT1.2 Transfer & Articulation Initiatives

RT 1.3 Wisconsin Residency Statutes

RT 1.4 Gender Identity/Expression in Higher Education

RT 1.5 Trending Topics in Admissions and Recruitment

RT 1.6 Trending Topics in Student Records and Registration

FR 1 Sessions – Friday, 9:00- 9:50 a.m.

FR 1.1 A Partnership towards Completion
Presenter(s): Sara Tienhaara, Student Engagement/Career Development Coach, Nicolet College

With the grant opportunity provided through the Student Success Center from WTCS, Nicolet College chose to focus on better understanding why we lose students. Through an Insights Project with ReUP Education, we were able to get primary data on why we lose students at different points in our process. This data provides a deeper perspective to help understand motivations, attitudes, and behaviors of our students through carefully crafted questions and skilled success coaches. Our sample consisted of students who applied but did not enroll, stopped out, as well as students who successful completed for comparison. In this presentation, we will share the process, partnership development with ReUP Education, some of our key takeaways, and steps already taken to improve our communication to students in a distance learning environment.

FR 1.2 They/Them/Theirs and Other Gender-Neutral Pronouns: Learning to Be Inclusive and Respectful of Nonbinary People
Presenter(s): Dr. Amney Harper, Associate Professor, Professional Counseling, UW-Oshkosh
Dr. Liz Cannon, LGBTQ Resource Director, UW-Oshkosh

In this session presenters will begin by providing some basic information about nonbinary identities and experiences. The focus of the presentation will be on learning about gender neutral pronouns. Participants will be provided specific opportunities to practice using gender neutral pronouns. The presenters will provide space for discussion to address specific questions and concerns of presenters related to working with non-binary students.

FR 1.3 Transfer Initiatives in Wisconsin: A Panel Discussion
Presenter(s): Todd Bailey, Transfer Project Coordinator, UW System Administration
Chrystal Seeley-Schreck, Associate Vice President-Instruction, Wisconsin Technical College System

Approximately one out of three students will transfer throughout their collegiate career. Transferability of courses is a recurring – and hot -- topic on legislative agendas while recruiting transfer students is a consistent institutional priority. This panel discussion will provide an overview and status update on transfer initiatives between the UW System and Wisconsin Technical College Systems, including plans to replace the Transfer Information System (TIS) with new functionality supported by CollegeSource.

FR 1.4 Veteran Suicide Prevention
Presenter(s): Andrea Bailey, Lead Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Madison VA Hospital

This session will provide information on veteran suicide prevention from the VA Suicide Prevention Team, how campus can be involved in the care of veterans, and other information related to the mental health of student veterans such as common signs of Moral Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and available VA resources.

FR 1.5 Unlocking Their Potential - Effective Supervision of Students
Presenter(s): Stacy Dreweck, Admissions Counselor, UW-Oshkosh
Nicole Jackson, Admissions Counselor, UW-Oshkosh

It takes a special set of skills to effectively hire, train and develop student employees. They are an invaluable resource and tremendous asset to helping us fulfill our missions. More importantly, we have the ability to provide them with meaningful opportunities to develop the skills employers are looking for, all while having a front row seat as they grow personally and professionally. It will be worth your time to learn how you can positively impact their future, and yours.

FR1.6 Using our SIS and LMS to Implement CPL
Presenter(s): Nicole Soulier, Reporting & Analysis Coordinator – CPL, Madison College
Nicole Hemmerich, Student Services Coordinator - Transfer Credit, Madison College

Learn more on how Madison College uses our Student Information System and Learning Management System to implement Credit for Prior Learning.

FR 2 Sessions – Friday, 10:00- 10:50 a.m.

FR 2.1 Recruitment Beyond Admissions
Presenter(s): Rachel Corral, Communications/Marketing Coordinator & Admissions Counselor, UW-Whitewater
Brittany Schaefer (Lindblad), Assistant Director of Admission, Carroll University

This session will discuss communication plans that are implemented over the course of (and beyond) an admissions cycle. Representatives from private and public institutions will discuss current processes and best practices used in order to affectively and efficiently communicate with prospective students and their families.

FR 2.2 Programs and Policies That Support LatinX Students
Presenter(s): Ruth Lopez, Coordinator of Latino Student Engagement & Outreach, Alverno College
Michelle Kelley, Registrar, Edgewood College
Alberto Maldonado, Director of the Roberto Hernandez Center, UW-Milwaukee

The LatinX community is one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. This session includes a panel of three presenters that will discuss what is being done in their schools to best support LatinX students. Ruth Lopez from Alverno College will talk about her work at a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), Alberto Maldonado will talk about UW Milwaukee's work with the LatinX community, and Michelle Kelley will talk about Edgewood College's Policy for when ICE shows up on campus.

FR 2.3 Navigating a Leap at a Time...Or...
Presenter(s): Sue Buth, Director-Office of Policy Analysis and Research, UW System Administration
Amy McGovern, Retention Coordinator, UW-Stout

How do you go about implementing and integrating a new campus data platform at the campus and system level? One step at a time or one leap? Join us to discuss navigating the ups & downs of a large project—UW System’s EAB Navigate Student Success Initiative. Pull back the curtain at the system and individual campus level with UW-System and UW-Stout where we will consider expectations, data integrity, timelines, needs and growth.

FR 2.4 Military Credit
Presenter(s): Christopher Head, Assistant Director of Transfer, UW-Milwaukee
Linda Young, Associate Director of Admissions, UW-Stout

An update to the process of awarding military credit from the Joint Services Transcript (JST), Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), and other military affiliated credits.

FR 2.5 Emotional Intelligence
Presenter(s): Justin Mumford, Assistant Director of Student Engagement-Office of Student Financial Aid, UW-Madison

Learn how to be aware of, in control of, and express your emotions to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically

FR 2.6 More Fun With FERPA: Real Life Scenarios
Presenter(s): Alexander Frain, Associate Registrar for Compliance, Marquette University
Lauren Gaecke, Registrar, St. Norbert College

Hoping for some real-life FERPA scenarios to help hone your skills and didn't get enough at last year's WACRAO Conference? Look no further than this session, where we will review FERPA scenarios, give participants the chance to weigh-in on possible approaches and discuss best practices at our campuses. Audience polling features prominently in this session, so BYOD!

Closing Speaker

Bryan Lewis
Bryan Lewis is the Associate Dean for the College of Natural and Health Sciences, Director of Pre-Health program and a faculty member in the Biological Sciences department at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.  He has served in these positions at the University for the past 20 years and before that worked as a professor and advisor in the Biology Department at Clarke College in Dubuque, IA where he taught classes to both undergraduate and professional Physical Therapy students.  During his 20year career in higher education, Bryan has been a passionate advocate for student success and has helped many hundreds of students matriculate into professional health programs and graduate schools.  As a professor/scientist, his areas of research include physiology, neuroscience, pathology, membrane physiology, and biophysics.  As a Faculty advisor, his area of interest is helping students in any way he can think to be strong, confident developing professionals who foster a true belief in their own abilities, find lifelong careers they are passionate about, and ultimately are happy, well-adjusted adults who feel they are living the lives and careers they can be proud of. Bryan has his B.A. in Biology with a Chemistry minor from Ripon College and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.